Strategy & Vision

  • Vision statement

Earth Proof finance & Investment have a fundamental belief in sincerity openness and collaboration with our specially selected clients. Our vast knowledge of our industry ensures that we make decisions on investments based on calculated risk and potential return on investment enhancing an already well-established and robust portfolio. Earth Proof finance & Investment intends to create and shape innovative products and services to deliver market-leading solutions for our clients’ futures and ensuring room for growth.


  • Mission statement

We aim to share our investment knowledge with our clients increasing our client’s wealth through well timed calculated investment decisions.


  • Values

We believe in investing responsibly. We believe that in order to achieve long-term success, companies need not only to conceive and execute appropriate business strategies, but also to maintain high standards of corporate governance and corporate responsibility. We therefore expect companies to operate according to recognized national and international standards their respective areas. We work diligently to ensure that our values and ethics are never compromised.


We value Clients


- We value our work force and as such we have built a work force based on merit, integrity, transparency and inclusiveness

- We aspire to be a learning organization and we encourage ideas, innovation, excellence, enterprise and teamwork in employees

- We behave responsibly and ensure that all of our activities are environmentally friendly.



  • Business goals & objectives

Earth Proof finance & Investment aims to achieve a spread of global investments, with no single investment representing more than 15% of the underlying assets at the time of acquisition. We are always seeking to diversify our portfolio and we will have investments in least five industrial sectors, with no one sector comprising more than 35% of the portfolio. We aim to establish working relationships with companies that have the market position and brand strength to successfully compete on a global scale. Investments that have the ability to maintain margins despite uncertain demand and volatile development costs can also reflect significant ROI and we shall capitalize on these opportunities. Our investments will be carefully researched and we will communicate with our clients and shareholder’s our investments in businesses with the bank balance to pay dividends, buy back shares or purchase other companies. The sincere belief in the principle that our clients should be treated fairly at all times dictates that we are always actively seeking the views of existing and potential investors and their underlying customers so that client satisfaction is the key basis on which we believe our success is judged.


  • Growth strategy

Earth Proof finance & Investment have clear growth strategies in order to ensure that the company’s growth is done at a calculated risk whilst maximizing profits. We are always seeking to diversify our portfolio and we will have investments in least five industrial sectors, with no one sector comprising more than 35% of the portfolio thus ensuring strategic room for growth. We understand that sectors such as Technology, Pharmaceuticals, Telecommunications and Real Estate are sectors that can yield significant ROI with the exponential developments made in these areas and we aim to take full advantage of these opportunities. Our company will have constant interaction with our specially selected clients and we are always open to innovative ideas. We intend to invest in and leverage partnerships with the leading forward thinking enterprises within their respective industries in order to further expand our robust portfolio. We have also left room in our business model for the acquisition of smaller businesses within the market with a tried and tested investments and a strong client base that we can improve up on whilst simultaneously benefiting from their place in the market adding to the growth of Earth Proof finance & Investment.