Shiekh Younis School of Excellence, Commercial Complex & Medical Landmark

Studio Jean-philippe Nuel 

The SHIEKH YOUNIS SCHOOL OF EXCELLENCE, COMMERCIAL COMPLEX & MEDICAL LANDMARK is a four tower building that will combine a commercial shopping complex with residential and educational and medical facilities it will cover a total built up area of 4435 square metres
The total land area is 8050 sqr. Mtr
The proposed project will include the provision of a clean water supply system, electric power supply, roads, phone lines, recreation, schools, market center, shops, fire administrative buildings and will cost an estimated €100,000,000 to construct.
Earthproof Finance & Investment, one of the companies under the Asala Group Umbrella have entered into a joint venture agreement with ARAB GENERAL ENGINEERING CO.LTD. In order to undrgo the full scope of work.



Sugar Factory

 The project Area at the White Nile (Sudan) is around 120,000 It’s divided to four blocks (blocks A, block B, block C, block D). And each block will contain:

  • Houses
  • Medical center
  • School
  • Farms


Beside that we will built Sugar factory in this area.


The first thing we have to do is soil testing. Selection of sites with the best soil is an important engineering decision in the building process. Soil factory is different from soil house and farmer soil, but we will face important problem which is clay soil because it’s Agricultural area. Building foundations need to be on stable and strong soils. If the soil under a building is not stable, the foundation of the building could crack, sink, or worse–the building could fall.


  • The project Area at Al Duqam (Sultanate of Oman)